Weltmeister Pte Ltd

German Sofa Master

Site Measurement

Customization Of Sofa Set Calls For Site Measurement!
It Is Not As Simple As Just Knowing The Dimension Of Sofa.

OEM Manufacturer

Our Own Factory In Malaysia Is An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Of Furniture & Furnishings Products For Various Vendors In Singapore.

As The Demands For Quality Products Increased Particularly In The Property Development Industries, Our products Can Be Easily Found In Some High End Commercial And Residential Properties, To International Resorts and Hotels.

With In-Depth Knowledge, Starting From Procuring Materials, Fabrications And Experiences In The Market Each Individual Had Grasp Over The Years With Strong Networking.
We Acquire Exceptional Raw Materials From The Finest Supplier, From Asia Countries Till European Continents Such As Germany And Italy!
WELTMEISTER PTE LTD Is Able To Bring You Yet Another Quality Product!

Marble Slabs

When There Is A Need For Custom Size Dining Tables.

Mattress Selection

Average sleep cycle is 7 to 9 hours per day for working adults.
In the hectic environment of Singapore, some working adults can sleep less then that (
people that sleep late) in which, a more quality peaceful sleep is needed.

Reason To Engage Us

As We Main In The Commercial Sector, All Works Are Done In Accordance To Specification.
Same Industrial-Quality Products For Our Residential Clients As Our Commercial & Industrial Projects!

  • Authorised Home Furnishings Dealer In Singapore 
  • In-Depth Knowledge On Material And Products
  • Well Versed Project Management Team
  • Adheres to Workplace & Site Safety
  • Specialist In Sofa(s) And Home Furnishings Products
  • Collaborates With Site Supervisors, Engineers, Project Managers & Main Contractors, Ensuring On Time Project Hand Over
  • "One-Stop" Service
  • Wide Range of Home Furnishings Product
  • Employs "Hierarchy Of Risk Management Control" To All Works To Minimise Workplace Accidents During "Custom Furniture Installations Works". 
  • Engineers & Supervisors Trained In Accordance To Singapore's Workplace Safety & Health Council (WSHC) Building & Construction Safety Guidelines.
  • All Work Done By Experienced In-House Project Technicians & Installers Orientated In Accordance with Singapore's Workplace Safety & Health Council (WSHC) Construction & Site Safety Guidelines.