Weltmeister Pte Ltd

German Sofa Master

About Us

Our Group and Parent Company have achieved a substantial degree of foothold in commercial developments, giving us the opportunity to understand the highest demand in product quality and satisfaction! 
Having liaise with Commercial Developers, Main-Contractors, Architectural Engineers and Interior Designers for Commercial Applications, including but not limited to Offices, Hotels, KTV and/or Nightclubs. As such, we are now ready and have started to share our finest products in Trade Shows in Singapore Expo for our Residential Clients!


Through Our Active Participation In Creditable Local And International Trade Exhibitions And Fairs, We Have Successfully Established Ourselves As A Trusted Partner And Expanded Our Sales To Neighbouring Countries And Will Continue To Grow Our Business Locally And Internationally.

All Rights Reserves. Customers are not allowed to cancel the order upon confirmation. All material procured and utilized are chargeable and there will not be any refunds in any event of job cancellation, after the confirmation had been obtained from the customers. All products may have slight colour variations due to batches of material; which is impossible to be seen over screens of different gadgets, laptops and/or monitor screens. Photos presented are the actual products, may be subjected to different shades due to lightings temperature , angles even when it is of the same colour.

Warranty does not cover; A) Wear and Tear,  B) Abusive damage, C) Incidents/Damages due to negligence, D) Acts of mischief, E) Accidental Burns, F) Acts of god/nature, 
G) Usage of wrong cleaning products/methods, H) Non-cleaning, I)Etc