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Nature Of Business

We specialise in manufacturing Premium Quality Furniture for Commercial Venues that calls for Comfort, Reliability and Modern Aesthetic Qualities.

We also supply Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) furniture and Furnishings Accessories for Various Vendors.

Many of our OEM products can be found in High End Residential Properties, Commercial Buildings to International Resorts and Hotels.

Our manufacturing process utilises state of the art techniques (Such as Compression) to increase the durability of the RAW MATERIAL (Such as WOOD) to withstand heavy usage.

Manufacturing Techniques like Compression, an unorthodox method which are not widely used in this trade!

These techniques in turn provide better durability and stability of material used in our products for our Commercial Purposes, that now is also featured in our Residential Products.

Our Group and Parent Company have achieved a substantial degree of foothold in commercial developments, giving us the opportunity to understand the highest demand in product quality and satisfaction!

Having liaise with Commercial Developers, Main-Contractors, Architectural Engineers and Interior Designers for Commercial Applications, including but not limited to Offices, Hotels, KTV and/or Nightclubs, we are now ready and have started to share our finest products in Trade Shows in Singapore Expo for our Residential Clients!


With in-depth knowledge from sourcing of raw material to fabrication in our own facility for Commercial Purposes, we aim to bring Unique Quality products within reach for most!

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