Weltmeister Pte Ltd

German Sofa Master

Thick Layer Of Conditional Cream

NOT Recommended!
It will harden and form a crust!

Excessive Cleaning With Cleaner(s)

Not Recommended! 
It actually do more hard then good!

Leaving Wet Cloth On Sofa

Not Recommended!
Leather that absorb wetness, after drying; will cause Rigidity of leather!

Scrubbing Hard To Remove Dirt

Not Recommended!
Lift dirt layer by layer, giving time in between is the correct way.

Purchasing Sofa

When you purchase a sofa from us, you want the most comfortable one your money can buy. A comfortable sofa allows you to spend many hours relaxing with your family. Look for a sofa that suits your lifestyle as well as your interior décor. Pick a sofa appropriately sized for your living space, so you can enjoy its comfort without bumping into bulky seating as you pass by.


Sofa upholstery needs to be comfortable to the touch. If you plan to catch a nap on the sofa on a regular basis, look for sofa upholstery that is easy to clean and smooth to the touch. Tweeds and rougher fabrics may feel scratchy against bare skin.

Structure Of Sofa

Even though you don't see the sofa's structure, it forms the basis of how comfortable the sofa is for the user. It is why we insist on using quality RAW material. The frame needs to be sturdy enough to support the weight of several people. If you raise one of the front corners of a sofa, the other front leg should come off the floor as well, if the sofa has a solid structure. If the other leg doesn't rise from the floor, the sofa is structurally weak and may not be comfortable over time.


Try out our sofa features before you buy it. Engage the recliner; the mechanism that raises the legs and allows you to recline. Flip down any consoles and armrests to see if they are at a comfortable level for you.


Warranty does not cover; A) Wear and Tear, B) Abusive damage, C) Incidents/Damages due to negligence, D) Acts of mischief, E) Accidental Burns, F) Acts of god/nature, G) Usage of wrong cleaning products/methods, H) Non-cleaning, I) Etc


All Rights Reserves. Customers are not allowed to cancel the order upon confirmation. All material procured and utilized are chargeable and there will not be any refunds in any event of job cancellation, after the confirmation had been obtained from the customers


All products may have slight colour variations due to batches of material; which is impossible to tell over screens of different gadgets, laptops and/or monitor screens. Products represented here are the actual items, it may be subjected to different lightings temperature , angles, during the photo was captured; even when it is of the same colour. This is also why we upload photos of products that are delivered to Customers Homes instead of "sofa models"