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Process -

Solid wood with fumigation and heating process through chamber

Assembly Plant -

Timber that reached our processing plant as RAW MATERIAL needs to go through several process which are commonly found in the industry.

However; we have developed ways to increase the durability of the RAW MATERIAL (WOOD) by compression, a method that is not widely used in this trade!

Which in turn; provide better durability and stability of material used in our products for our Commercial Purposes, that now is also featured in Residential Products!


Durability of the products are important to all our Clients in Commercial Sectors and Residential Customers.

As such, chemicals are added into the chambers to treat the wood to prevent wood maggots, termites and fungus etc.

Every timber that enters our Chamber will be soaked thoroughly even to the core of the wood before further processes needed, till it reach our Assembly WoodWorks Department. 


 WoodWorks Department

Foams & Fibrefill Department

Leather Department

Upholstery Department

Assembly Department 

Packing Area
Loading For Clients & Customers
Plant Control

Additional photos will be uploaded soon after sorting.

We are slow with uploading numerous photos, because we put our heart in production first!

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